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This serum is perfect to stimulate hair growth, prevents hair loss, adding moisture, mend split ends. Packed with natural goodness for hair care .This hair serum is designed to address common hair concerns and promote overall hair health with a blend of natural ingredients.

** Benefits **

The serum is formulated to promote hair growth, helping you achieve thicker and healthier hair.

Prevents hair loss: It serves as a preventative measure against hair loss, ensuring that you can maintain a fuller head of hair.

Adding moisture: Proper moisture is crucial for healthy hair, and your serum helps keep your hair well-hydrated and nourished.

Mends Split Ends:Split ends can make hair appear damaged and frizzy. This serum works to mend split ends, promoting smoother and more manageable hair.

**How to use**

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, dispense an appropriate amount of the serum into the palm of your hand. You can begin with a few drops and adjust the quantity as needed.Run your fingers through your hair, distributing the serum evenly. Start at the roots and work your way towards the tips of your hair. Ensure that the serum is evenly distributed.Style your hair as you normally would. You'll find

that your hair is not only softer but also shinier and more manageable.

For the best results, consider using the serum regularly. You can use it once a week, daily, or as needed based on your hair's condition and your personal preferences.


Moringa, Castor oil, Rosehip, Red Roses.


Moringa, Castor oil, Rosehip, Red Roses.

Moringa, Castor oil, Rosehip.

Nurture Vaugoil Glam serum

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